Roblox Basketball Association

Rules and Regs

Posted Tue Apr 19, 2016 - 09:14 AM

Hello, welcome to the official RBA Guidelines/Rulebook. If you have the chance, please read and understand the following closely and carefully before participating in any RBA event. It is absolutely important to know these rules before making any future mistakes.
1 - Basic Information/Rules
2 - Quick In-Game Abbreviations
3 - League Rules
4 - In-Game Rules
5 - Suspension Regulations
6 - Referee Rules
7 - Events/All-Star Week
- Game quarter regulations are 10 Minutes
- Minimum - 2v2 Maximum - 5v5
- There should be at least 1 refs at a game, 3 at most
- This League goes by Random Teams, we use custom team names already thought of and provided with logos.

Most common :

OOB(Out of Bounds)
BC(Back Court Violation)
Tech(Technical Foul)
FB3(Fast Break Three)
Ref(Referee obviously)

1) No spamming (Posting foolish things, pointless things, excessive repeating of something, etc.)

2) No flame wars on the wall (Starting arguments on the wall just to get a reaction.)

3) ABSOLUTELY No advertising (These include but are NOT limited to Advertising leagues, groups, companies, games, etc. Unless I allow it.)

4) No being rude in general (Pretty self-explanatory.)

5) No bribery (Paying players REAL robux to play on their team. We only allow you to use some of your cap space money [WHICH] to distribute to your players and staff.)

6) No over-shouting (Shouting something right above what I say. Only do this if you have permission.)

7) No deleting posts at random.

8) Don't suspend players WITHOUT my permission.

9) No accepting, declining or removing of allies/ally requests without my permission.

10) No disobeying a staff member's request/order. (They have the authority to exile/suspend you.)

11) Max Roster is 12. ( Coach Does not Count... )

1)Players have 5 seconds to IB(Inbound), if he fails to inbound the ball in a timely manner it will result into a turnover.

2)The player has 10 seconds to cross the Half Court line, and if he fails to cross the halfcourt line in 10 seconds it will lead to a turnover [10-second violation] and the other team HC IB's.

3)The player has 24 seconds to shoot the ball. If a player misses a shot and hits the rim, they will be given an additional 24 seconds to make a shot. If a player airballs while the shotclock expires, it will result in a turnover.

4)A technical foul will be called if any player on the court is disrespectful to the referee or any high rank in RO-NBA. [ 1FT + HC IB ]

5)Failed attempts at dunks are NOT travels. [Unless the player does not reach the rim.]

6)Hop steps is allowed only in the paint.

7)You may in-bound press on OOB. ( OOB - Out of Bounds )

8)If a coach uses M and it ruins/interrupt the game will lead to a tech. [1FT + HC IB]

9)If a fan/VIP walks into the court while the game is going, he/she will be kicked.

10)1st press of the quarter will lead to an HC IB. If the player presses 2 more times it will result in FTS. Presses reset every half. Press freethrows also increases as the infractions keep being occurred

11)Officials/Refs must warn the player before giving them a technical foul.

12)If substitutions are called, the team has 15 seconds to make changes.

13)3-time outs each half, timeouts do not reset. Except in Over Time

14)If a player accumulates 3 technical fouls, it will result in an automatic ejection and a one game suspension.(So dont come crying to me when you get kicked from the server)

15)If a coach FFs more than 3 games in one season, they will be fired. If a coach is in a situation where he cannot coach, he must state who is going to be co-coach during his absence, or simply PM a BoD or commissioner.

16)If someone abuses their admin powers before, during or after the game, he/she will be kicked.

17)If someone who is not in the group and wants to play in a game they will be ineligible to play for a team. They MUST be in the group PBA.

18)You can NOT sign Free Agents during a game, it has to be prior to tip-off.

19)If the ball hits the line it is still in play.

20)If a fan says "clean" he/she will be banned from the arena until the end of the game. If a player says "clean" it will result in a automatic technical foul.

21)If a player jumps on an opponent's back and steals the ball, it will result in a reaching foul.(Its so hard for you people to understand this)

22) 5 team fouls or more in a quarter will result in FT's for every other foul following the 5th foul.

23) Substitutions may be called during a dead play, but must have player(s) on the "X" mark

24) Coaches and players may vote to skip the halftime intermission.


Ways to get suspended include (BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO):
A) Getting ejected from a game TWICE will result in a 1 game suspension. If it continues, you will continue to be suspended and ejected.
B) Disobeying ANY rules
C) Leaving your team without permission from your coach [1 season suspension]

The scale goes this way:
2)1 game suspension
3)3 game suspension
4)14 game suspension (Entire regular season)
5)Perm exile (You will NOT be allowed back into the league.)

*Suspensions can also vary depending on the admin's discretion*

Think it's unfair? Don't break the rules then

1)Referees must wear the RBA Reffing Clothing(Soon to be made)/ Or RBA Branding
2)Referees are ALLOWED to talk back to trash talking players
3)All refs will have a normal admin(not mod) at the arena
4)At Games, there must consist of 1-3 Refs(1 does the Scoreboard, 2 others will ref the game, and the other one will do points.)
5)Referees must be active(missing to ref 3-5 games will result in you being fired)
6)Referees have the authority to kick/ban players/fans who don't follow the rules and terms
7)Occasionally and especially for the All-Star game and PBA playoff finals, I may commentate and Record if I do no foul language is to be used as the match may be recorded.

-All Stars nominees will be selected by coaches, final picks will be handpicked by admins
-This will be towards the middle of the season
-Go over the course of around 3 days

- The All-star Week events consist of:
1)1 v 1 Skills Challenge
2)Dunk Contest
3)Three-Point Contest
4)Rising Stars game(Only Rookies can participate in this event since this is the first year some people will gointo the all star game others into the Rising Star Event)
5)All-Star Game(Only people who were nominated can participate in this event. If you can't accept the fact you weren't selected to play in this just wait untill next season pls.)
6)Fan/Celebrity Challenge if needed

Playoff Rules:

1)In the 1st and 2nd Rounds, teams will play best of 4 if needed a 5th game will be played.
2)In the Finals Teams will play the exact same way they play in real life, best of 7 if necessary)
3)If two teams have the same record and the playoffs are about to start, those two teams will face off in a game to make the playoffs.


Coaching App
What team would you like to coach?:
Why do you want to coach?:

What's your experience in coaching?:

What will you do to bring your team to the top?:

On a scale of 1-10 How active are you?:

If there is anything else you would like to add, please state what you have to say:


All Applications will be sent to either BlacKlarity Or Robber2456

Various icons used from the Silk Icons library.